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Teplice – spa town in the northwest of the Czech Republic, in the eponymous district Ústí Region. It located in the valley of Bil’in, the foot of the Ore Mountains, 90 km from Prague. Altitude – 220 m Teplice (Teplice) -. Balneologichsky known resort (Teplice mineral springs mentioned back in the XV century). Teplice source water temperature – 40 ° – 44 ° C; water differs a high content of fluorine.

Treatment of nerve diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Among the attractions – the town hall (1545), Cistercian monastery. There is a theater, concert hall, museum. Annually held in Teplice Music Festival Ludwig van Beethoven. “Teplice” Widely known football club.

Despite the fact that Teplice – one of the oldest resorts in the Czech Republic, the old buildings are perfectly combined it with modern buildings harmoniously fit into the big picture. River Valley of Bil’in and the chain of the Ore Mountains make the city beautiful and very cozy at the same time protecting it from strong winds.

Numerous green areas, small parks, theme parks, the hilly landscape, ancient architecture, a variety of fountains and soothing silence – that is the distinctive feature of Teplice.

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