Sydney, manly beach Live Cam, Australia

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Sydney is the largest and perhaps the most influential city in Australia. It is located on the Southeast coast of the continent, in the beautiful Bay of Port Jackson, which, incidentally, is the largest natural harbour of origin in the world. The population of Sydney is around 4.5 million people, and among the inhabitants of the city representatives of various Nations and cultures. This is because the city has always been open to immigrants coming to Australia from all over the world.

An integral part of the Australian way of life are the beaches of Australia – one of the most beautiful and largest in the world – more than 10 thousand! Surfing in Australia will bring pleasure to both professionals and Amateurs due to the fact that the ocean coast of Australia stretches almost 50 thousand kilometers. More than 80% of Australians live within 50 km from the coast. The most famous beaches in Australia – Bondi (Bondi) and manly (Manly) in Sydney, St Kilda (St Kilda in Melbourne, surfers Paradise (Surfers Paradise) on Quinn Gould coast (Queensland Gold Coast, Cottesloe (Cottesloe) Perth (Perth) and Glenelg in Adelaide. During the weekend you can watch as whole families and groups of friends heading to the city beaches and more remote quiet and deserted corners, located on the shoreline of a well-known national parks.

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