Sydney, beach Curl-Curl Live Cam, Australia

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Australia’s largest city Sydney — a vivid example of successful synthesis of ultra-modern skyscrapers of business center with the old “Mediterranean” buildings, parks and beaches of the vibrant resort. The city is “laid” a great many rich tour routes.

In Sydney there are many interesting places, some of which have already earned world fame for example, located in the heart of the city, Sydney Opera house. Slightly inferior in fame, the harbour bridge, the largest bridge in the Side. Its length is 503 m — 15 m less than that of the largest steel arch bridge in the world. On the bridge there are guided tours, during which you can climb on the side of the arch to the top, offering beautiful views of the entire city.

Due to the characteristic shape themselves carrying your jokingly call the bridge “hanger”.

The tallest building in Sydney and the second tallest in the entire southern hemisphere) — Sydney tower. Its height is 305 m, and it is, oddly enough, has no relation to the TV, inside of her only to restaurants, shops, places to stay and two viewing platforms.

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