Sudak Live Cam, Crimea

Category: Cams, Russia

Live video stream of Sudak, Crimea. View from Soldaya Grand Hotel and Resort.

Sudak – the sunniest resort city located in the southeast of the Crimea in 100 km from Simferopol, 150 km from the Kerch and the ferry port. From the north to the Sudak looms wooded ridges to protect this area from the cold, and sudden changes in temperature. Thus, the climate of Sudak in many respects similar to the climate of the southern coast, but there are nice differences. For example, in Sudak much more sunny days, the resort in general can boast the lowest number of cloudy and rainy days among all the coastal cities of Crimea.

Sudak is located along the banks of a convenient bay, cape Alchak limited to the east and Mount Fortress in the west. Throughout the Sudak Bay Nature created beautiful gravel and sandy beaches, which make up the main glory of the resort. Local mountain landscapes are unique and will never be forgotten by none of the guests.

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