Stockholm Live Cam, Sweden – Area Sergels Torg

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Stockholm – the capital and largest city of Sweden. The city is located on the eastern shore of Lake Mälaren. In Stockholm, are the main residence of the Swedish king, the international airport Arlanda, sit on the Swedish government and the Riksdag.

Area “Sergels Torg” – one of the “youngest” of architectural attractions of the Swedish capital. Although there are no old buildings, its visit is almost always included in the program of excursions in Stockholm.

Sergelstorg – is the central area of ​​Stockholm. Under it crosses all subway lines of the city, so the crowds are always present. However, in central Stockholm unpleasant surprises it is very clearly a large number of “non-indigenous” population – negros, Arabs and Asians. Probably, as well as in France, they are much smaller in the outback.

Sergels Torg Square was built in the 1990s, and its name, it was in honor of the court sculptor and painter Johann Tobis Sergelyakh, mentor of King Gustav III of, who had a workshop in the XVIII century on the site.

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