Sternstein, Ski resort Live Cam, Austria

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In high season, the rhythm of the town of bad Leonfelden ask, of course, skiers and fans of active rest. They are in the center of the most tourist events. Sports charge in the winter: today, the ski becomes one of the leading tourism destinations . The closest ski resort bad Leonfelden-Sternstein opens its doors to these athletes.

Numerous reasons for the city doing bad Leonfelden worthy of a tourist town. To promote festive events in the city involved – Kurverband Bad Leonfelden – tips and hints on the region.

The fact that winter has a Central place in town filled with ski trails and lifts and the picturesque landscape in summer, becomes a place to commune with nature, healing and family life. Of course, not only winter tours alive bad Leonfelden. The landscape and the tourist infrastructure is well-suited as a practical summer vacation.

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