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Live video stream of St. Croix.
St. Croix island is the largest among the Virgin Islands, a part of the United States. Unlike on. St. John, is not so well developed tourism and not as a rich night life, but a beach holiday on the island of no less fantastic.

Virgin Islands belong to the sights of America and divide the boundary of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Directly on the St. Croix dominates the hot tropical climate, occasionally carousing hurricanes and drought season. On the basis of the local plants can be found, from which the processing of rubber, get real. On the island you can visit several nature reserves and green parks. Among the clusters of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix is ​​the largest – in the length of the distance is 45 km and a maximum width of 11 km.

In contrast to the natives, residents of large cities in the US, called the island a little differently – St. Croix, but in fact it does not change anything. The area is designed for lovers of natural beauty and wonderful strange plants. Having a preference to spend holiday in the noisy company of nightlife, it is recommended to visit other places, as Saint Croy focused on a quiet relaxing holiday, scuba diving (snorkeling or scuba diving), visit memorable places, familiarity with the rather exotic fauna.

The population of St. Croix is ​​in the order of 60,000 people, who live on the island permanently. The temperature corresponds to tropical conditions and slightly varies from 28 to 31 degrees, both in winter and summer. Most of the problem is the lack of fresh water on the island of rivers or other sources, consequently persistent drought makes local constantly overcome related problems.

Despite the fact that the St. Croix area of ​​America, and use a single e-mail system and the currency, the inhabitants of the coast of paying for everyday goods are several times more expensive as opposed to large cities, they do not have cash on the payment of VAT, the citizens who live here are limited to the right to vote in elections President, and for the electricity service to pay 50 cents for 1 kilowatt.

Rum own production and souvenirs are very cheap, because of the lack of value added tax. For example, for a good bottle of Cruzan Rum in the order you will pay $ 8. Restaurants on the island as there are work not later than 9 pm, and the shops are closed, and even earlier – at 5 pm, while on weekends do not work.

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