Sofia square National Assembly Live Cam, Bulgaria

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The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia — one of the most ancient cities of Europe, which preserved many beautiful examples of Church and historic architecture. Although the title of the capital Sofia walks recently — in this status, the city remains no more than a half century. This, however, does not prevent to remain it an interesting cultural centre, the merging point of Eastern and European cultures, a city full of contrasts, beauty and energy.

We certainly know Sofia as capital of Bulgaria, however, the city has 24 districts, major urban areas. City life is replete with, full of ideas, floating in the air, innovations and all this — against the backdrop of a unique historical wealth. Bulgarians, fortunately, able to store the history.Most of sightseeing starts from the walls of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky (Alexander Nevsky Lavra and Church. Sofia). In the area of the National Assembly are interested in the National Assembly building with the equestrian statue of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. On the Boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel you can pass by the Russian Church. Nicholas and Museum of natural Sciences to the Batenberg square, considered the center of Sofia.

The best shops of Sofia are open along Vitosha Boulevard and in the gallery in front of the National Palace of Culture.

Travellers will be interesting the only functioning mosque in Sofia, built in the late 16th century Turkish architect koca Mimar Sinan the. Among others they constructed the monuments can be called the mosque of Selim II Edirne in Turkish. Today we are describing the mosque Banya Bashi, in the rear of the building which is a small, not so long ago discovered the site of ancient baths, once adjacent to the mosque, and a fountain with hot drinking water. To get inside the mosque when believers do not pray.

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