Slovenj Gradec Live Cam, Slovenia

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Slovenj Gradec (slov. Slovenj Gradec) is a small town in the Koroška region in Slovenia, located just a few kilometers from the border with Austria. The population is about 13 thousand people. The city is located about 45 km West of Maribor and 65 km northeast of Ljubljana. Slovenj Gradec is one of the 193 communities in Slovenia.

According to the census in 1880 three-quarters of the residents of the city of Windisch-grets. Windischgrätz) spoke German and only a quarter Slovenian. In the Middle ages it was owned by the barons von Windischgratz. In 1918, Slovenj Gradec was an island of German speakers in Slovenia. After the First world war the majority of Germans went to Austria. The rest were expelled in 1945.

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