Sitka Live Cam Alaska, USA

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Watch live camera of Sitka, Alaska, USA.

Sitka (Archangel until 1867, the old name of the city – the Sith) is American city, located on the island of the archipelago of the Alexander Baranov (Alaska).

October 18, 1867 in Sitka Russia sold Alaska to America for half a cent per hundred square meters. On the morning of that day, 250 American and 80 Russian soldiers gathered at the Castle Hill on a small hill on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Double gunfire was given in honor of the Russian and American flags.

The ceremony assumed slope Russian and raising the American flag, but our flag stuck on top. Some soldiers tried to climb a flagpole and flag free. Finally, one of the Russian soldiers did, and then he dropped his flag and blew on the bayonets of the Russian soldiers. A strangled gasp swept through the ranks.

The ceremony continued with a rapid lifting of the American flag. Representatives of each of the parties uttered a short speech and a half million square kilometers of Alaska were owned by the United States …

Sitka Island – the most mountainous island of the Alexander Archipelago in the southeast Alaska. Its area is 4100 square kilometers, maximum length – 160 km, width – 50 km.

The island is closely connected with Russian history and culture. Its pioneers were Russian sailors. They also laid here the first settlement founded by in 1799 became governor of the Russian-American Company Aleksandr Baranov, in whose honor and named the island. On many cards he is still listed as Baranov Island – Baranof Island.

The first settlement on the island in 1804 was named New Archangel. In 1809 the city became the administrative and the main shopping center of Russian settlements in Alaska and across America. In 1867, when Russia sold Alaska to the United States, the city was renamed Sitka, but still almost 40 years later retained the title of the capital of Alaska. It ceased to be the capital only in 1906, when the administrative center was moved to Alaska in Juneau.

The island is still a lot of exotics, traces of a glorious past. Sitka is famous all over the world its excellent fishing.

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