Sinj Live Cam, Croatia

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Sinj – a town in Croatia, in the southern part of the country, in the County of Split-Dalmatia. Xin is located in a mountainous area north of the Dalmatian coast. The nearest town – Split (25 km south), Knin (65 km northwest). At 10 kilometers north-east of the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. After Xin held important highway Split – Xin – Knin – Karlovac connecting the central part of the country with the Adriatic coast.

The world-famous landmark is the festival Sinska Alka included in the List of Intangible Heritage, compiled by UNESCO. Festival is held in early August and is dedicated in 1715 won by the victory over the Turks. During the festival, tourists watch the costumed horsemen tournaments, competing in the ability to get at full speed with a spear in the center of a small ring, referred to as “Alcoy”.

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