Sibenik Live Cam, Croatia

Category: Cams, Croatia

Sibenik – a town in Croatia. Located in the central part of the Adriatic coast, at the confluence of the river Krka in the Adriatic Sea. Capital County Sibenik-Knin. The city is located on the banks of a deep bay, into which flows the river Krka. In the immediate vicinity of the city is the Krka National Park.

Rich and diverse resort life in Sibenik. First of all, it is filled with sports and Activiti. The remarkable position of the city – at the same time on the sea, river and lake – allows us to offer all wishing range of water sports, from diving to rafting. Active beach exercises are possible on all the beaches of the area: the services of children and adult water slides, parasailing, skiing. Numerous volleyball courts and a well-furnished tennis courts will satisfy not leave indifferent fans of these sports. It offers a welcome and such exotic entertainment quite like shooting ranges for archery and various aviation programs that, for example, allow you to see the region on board the helicopter.

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