Santa Monica Beach Live Cam, California, USA

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Watch live camera of Santa Monica beach, California, United States.

Santa Monica is a city in the US, located in western Los Angeles County, California. The city is named in honor of St. Monica, a Christian saint and the mother of Aurelius Augustine. The name owes its origin to visit this place during the Spanish Christian holiday. Bordered by the Gulf of Santa Monica (Pacific) in the west and the following areas of Los Angeles: Pacific Palisayds (Pacific Palisades) and Brentwood – in the north, West Los Angeles and the Mar Vista – in the east and Venice (Venice You) – the south . Thus, with the exception of the Pacific Ocean on the west, Santa Monica is completely surrounded by Los Angeles.

Santa Monica – a town on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, being in the arms of Los Angeles, surrounded him on all sides, except for the western border of the water. Back in 1769 the notorious Gaspar de Portola landed Indian settlement and opened for himself and for the world is a wonderful place.

Santa Monica is more like a small European towns, despite their affiliation America. Lodges, scurrying through the winding streets, tourists, hung with photographic equipment and chewing products from local bakeries. Regardless of weather, day of week and time of year the city attracts thousands of new people, and his life is like a child with a kaleidoscope of changing from bright pictures. Therefore, if the purpose of your trip was the Santa Monica, impressions of what he saw last long.

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