San Joaquin Live Cam, Brazil

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São Joaquim is a municipality in the Brazil state of Santa Catarina. Part of the greater Serrana. Included in the economic-statistical micro-region Campus-de-Lages. The city is considered the coldest city in Brazil, the temperature was -10 °C.

Santa Catarina- one of the southern States. It occupies an area to the North of the Uruguay river and its tributary Pelotas. The coast of the state is very picturesque, indented by lagoons, bays, cliffs, Islands.

Santa Catarina is the most European state of Brazil. The first Fort was founded by the Spaniards on the Santa Catarina island in 1542. By 1675, the region was conquered by the Portuguese. In 1839 some time there existed a revolutionary Republic Julian, annexed by the government troops. Santa Katrina “exposed” the German influence. The state is among the most developed and dynamic States in the country. Economy of Santa Catarina is characterized by balance and variety, the most highly developed agriculture, industry and rapidly growing service sector.

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