San Diego Zoo Live Cam

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Look at Panda at San Diego Zoo (United States) via live streaming webcam. San Diego Zoo is not the largest among zoos in the world, but throughout history have consistently ranked among the world leaders in popularity. What is the secret of this success? In an innovative approach, advanced technology and animal welfare as a result of significant progress in the breeding of rare species. Many revolutionary innovations in the San Diego Zoo distinguish it from others, so a visit to this institution will leave an indelible impression on all his life.

From the beginning, the zoo gathered around him and caring people dedicated enthusiasts, whose efforts excellent conditions for the animals were created, imported new species, organized work with visitors and advertising. As a result, in today’s San Diego Zoo contains 4,000 copies of 800 species of animals, many of them rare. In addition to the main exhibition in Balboa Park San Diego Zoo administratively subordinate to “Wild Animal Park” (safari park 56 km from San Diego) and “Sea World” (Aquarium San Diego).

But not solely by technical innovations attracted the San Diego Zoo. The most important thing – it is a systematic approach to keeping animals. There is no uniform rows of cages, and different species of animals are grouped not according to a systematic basis, and geographical. Sharing content animals one geographic area allowed to organize thematic corners at the zoo, and most importantly, to create different zones a special microclimate, which greatly improved the quality of their lives.

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