Saint-Malo Live Cam, France – City Hall

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Saint-Malo consists of several separate areas: Saint-Servan (St-Servan), Saint-Malo (St-Malo), Couples (Parame) and Rotenёf (Rotheneuf). Until 1967, these were separate towns on the coast.

From the railway station in the Old Town (Ville Close), marked on maps as Intra-Muros ( «inside the walls”), you can walk along av. Louis Martin, who enters Esplanade St-Vincent. On the area of the Old Town settings associated isthmus Sillon (Sillon).

Residents of the city, especially not hesitate, chose as its motto the phrase “I’m not French, I have not a Breton, I – maluanets”, which emphasizes the independence of the city. The flag is a few more references to the history of Saint-Malo: red background – greetings from the pirates, for those used in the attack red flags. The ermine with gold oshenynikom alludes to the city belonging to the Duchy of Brittany. Well, a silver cross on a blue background “gave” all military ports of Louis XIV.

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