Ruse, Street Live Cam, Bulgaria

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Ruse is one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. The most interesting buildings of the XIX—XX centuries was recently renovated. The old part of the Ruse turned into a pedestrian zone, where visitors will find numerous cafes and bars. From the small pier for a walk along the Danube and then take a boat trip.

In the Church of the Holy Trinity XVIII century, located in the city centre, are great icons and products with carvings. Exploring the ruins of the ancient fortress Sexaginta Prista, built by the Romans in the first century ad is preserved Here headstones and other structures, there are interesting inscriptions. The fortress was destroyed by the Goths in VII.

In the building of the Pantheon with its Golden dome, is located to the East of the city centre, buried all the local revolutionaries, who are considered true heroes of the Bulgarian people: Lyuben Karavelov, Zahari Stoyanov, Baba Tonka Obretenova, angel Kynev, Stefan Karaca, Panayot Hits.

The Freedom monument (1908), the symbol of the city, is a remarkable work of Florentine architect and sculptor Arnoldo Zocci. To a remarkable cultural and historical monuments also include the Music school, the Catholic Church with painting on glass, building Savings banks, Trading-industrial chamber, gymnasium them. Prince Boris, the captain’s House, District office (granted under the Museum), Club of culture, Management of a duty-free zone, the house of the brothers of Simeon.

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