Ruse, Church.George Live Cam, Bulgaria

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The Church of St. George the Martyr is an Orthodox Church in Ruse. Previously in its place was a wooden Church, burned during the Russian-Turkish war of 1806-1812, the Catholic Archbishop Peter Bogdan Bakchev who visited Ruse in 1640, noted that the town has two wooden Church – probably the Church of St. George and Church of the Holy Trinity; archaeologist Felix kanitz believed that Church. George’s older.

Construction of a new stone building began later, in 1841, and ended a year later. The solemn consecration took place on January 30, 1843 the Church dug two meters into the ground and has dimensions of 32 to 14 m. Inside are three altars: the Central – St. George North is St. Demetrios Basarbovski and South of St. Nicholas.

The iconostasis was created by Professor Ivan Travnicek, and the icon – painter from Ruse D. Rodionovym. In 1939, the temple was built the chapel of St. Ivan Rilski.

2002 may 6 – St. George’s Day is an official holiday in Ruse.

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