Research station Rothera Live Cam, Antarctica

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Rothera research station British Antarctic service station is located at Rothera point, Adelaide Island. Rothera also serves as the capital of the British Antarctic territory.

The station is the logistical center of Antarctica, as well as the location of a well-equipped biological laboratories and facilities for a wide range of studies. The station is located on the hills of a rocky promontory the southern end of Wormald Ice Piedmont glacier, on the South-East of the island Adelheid. The station has a 900 metre gravel runway associated with the storage of liquid fuel, dock for unloading supply ships. Air transportation is carried out in the Falkland Islands.

Rothera station was established in 1975 to replace Adelaide station (1961-1977 G. G.) after her condition deteriorated. With the commissioning of a gravel runway and hangar in 1991-92 he air transport have become the most reliable and affordable way to achieve Rotary.

The station is open all year round with a maximum population of 130 people in the summer and 22 in winter.

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