Research station Halley 6 Live Cam, Antarctica

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Halley IV — a new modification of the British residential research module.No need to fly into space or descend to the bottom of the ocean to be in the distant, empty and cold place in confined space. You can just get a job in British Service study of the Antarctic and to be there.

Research station, Halley 6, began its work in February last year, replacing its predecessor, the Halley–5, too attached to their ice and slowly about with slackened in the cold waters of the southern ocean*. To new station does not repeat the fate of the old (no, she didn’t drown, it was dismantled), and also that it is not buried under a layer of snow (which happened with the first four of those were covered with snow at the top), Halley–6 stands on hydraulic legs, clad in skiing and, if necessary, can be raised and towed to any other location.

Station Halley investigates the climate and the weather, it is here that in 1985 discovered the ozone hole* observes for changes in global sea level and atmospheric composition, studying glaciers and Geology. Today at the station are also watching the solar activity and study its impact on the Earth. One of the forms of manifestation of the solar activity is, of course, the stunning beauty of its auroras, in which charged plasma of the solar wind interacting with the magnetosphere of the Earth causes the movement captured in its radiation belt particles, together with particles of the solar plasma into the atmosphere, ionize its molecules and cause their luminescence

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