Prerov Live Cam, Czech – Masaryk Square

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Prerov – a city in the east of the Czech Republic, in the historical region of Moravia, in the region of Prerov Olomouc Region. Located on the Becva river in Prerov Gana.Vpervye writing mentioned in 1141.

Anyone interested in the history of the Czech Republic, will be interesting to visit the local castle, which belonged to a noble family Pernštejn, which is now an exhibition dedicated to Comenius. In addition, the castle is a museum, whose exhibits are a collection of historical furniture, luxury items, minerals. In one of the halls of the castle you can see the entomological collection, which was collected by former owners of the palace. From the castle tower, where there is an observation deck can see the whole city in full view.

After a walk through the castle you can go to the main square Přerova, where the statue of Jan Amos Comenius rises. Here are the old town hall and the city’s main temple, built in the baroque style. Along the perimeter of the square is located the house survived without any changes from the XV century.

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