Prague Live Cam, Czech – Wenceslas Square

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Wenceslas Square – one of the most famous and largest urban area in the world, the main center of New Town in Prague. Place of many historical events, traditional site of demonstrations, celebrations and social gatherings. The shopping and business center of Prague, where the major hotels, shops and cafes. The area is named after St. Wenceslas, the Czech prince, patron saint of the country.

Wenceslas Square in Prague is not a party to circumvent. No matter how hard you try to avoid the only place in Prague, where life rages and three o’clock in the morning, be sure to find yourself standing in the center, among hurrying crowds of people, under the names of numerous restaurants and shops. Because Vatslavak as Praguers call it – the heart of the city, runs outflows as the real heart of blood. Castle, Lesser Town and Old Town Czechs have long given to plunder travelers. Nove Mesto, Vinohrady and Žižkov left itself. On Wenceslas those and others meet to disperse again in a minute: the people of Prague for its beer, tourists – in its sights.

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