Portsea, Beach Live Cam, Australia

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Portsea in Australia, a Remote p-n Mornington Peninsula, greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Victoria is the smallest state on the Australian mainland. Despite the fact that its area is 237,6 thousand km2 and occupies only 3% of the Australian continent, is home to about a quarter of the population is 5,496 million people (according to 2009). It is worth noting that ethnic composition of the population of Victoria is highly variegated, due to the two waves of immigration experienced at the time the state. The first of them called “gold fever” broke out in 1851, which triggered the discovery of rich gold deposits, the second happened after the Second world war. The name of the state is required to Queen Victoria of England. It is in the middle of the 19th century listened to the request of enterprising residents of Melbourne, which were at that time part of New South Wales, and allowed to establish a new independent state with its capital in the city.It is worth emphasizing that the tourist who decides to explore the scenic region, its culture and history, will not be disappointed.

The variety Victoria is fascinating: there are pristine places with untouched nature and secluded beaches on the ocean coast, and miraculous sights — the Twelve Apostles national Park, Wilsons Promontory, Gippsland lakes, caves Bacen and the Dandenong ranges. To visit Australia and not see the penguin Parade at sunset, or to enjoy the amazing view from the Great ocean highway, at least, unforgivable. After all, it can produce a striking impression even on the seasoned traveler, not to mention those who are just discovering new places on Earth. It offers guests all kinds of active and even extreme rest: horseback riding, Cycling, skiing and water-skiing, rafting on rapid mountain rivers and hang-gliding. Those who decided to take in the atmosphere of the times of “gold fever”, the direct road to a provincial city Bichot, Ballarat, Kalman, Bendigo, Daylesford is a and Meldon, as if descended from the frame of westerns.

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