Plovdiv, Trakiya quarter Live Cam, Bulgaria

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Old Plovdiv is an Autonomous area within the city. The pride of the locals, it was restored and preserved as a large open Museum. Well-preserved theatre, stadium, Basilica, Thermae of the ancient city. A Roman amphitheatre built in the 2nd century ad by Emperor Trajan, is still in effect!

The ancient part of the city full of old quiet streets. The road is the main pedestrian street of Prince Alexander I, built the most beautiful buildings of the 19th century. Also, you can see two mosques — Jumaya and Imaret, and one of the oldest watch towers.

The most striking buildings in the Baroque style are: Koyumdjioglou building (or Ethnographic Museum), the house Lamartine (house of writers) house of Nedkovich (city hall). To the era of the Bulgarian Revival (19th century) are: Church. Weeks, Church. Dimitra, Church. Marina.

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