Pinamar beach Live Cam, Argentina

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Pinamar is situated 400 km from Buenos Aires on the Atlantic ocean. The city was built in 1943 by the architect Jorge Bunge. A distinctive feature of the city is the fact that it was built on a clear and strict architectural plan. In addition, wild sand dunes surrounding the town were planted with pine forest. Hence the name of the city (“pino” in Spanish means “pine”). The government of the city still strictly follows the rules of construction, developed by its architect.

Pinamar is a popular getaway for wealthy residents of the capital. As in any other resort town in winter, the life here stops. But in the summer season in Pinamar attracts tourists from all over the world.

Pinamar is a favorite place of sports fans. Local waters are perfect for Windsurfing, fishing, sailing, surfing. Tourist resorts offer excellent facilities for tennis, Rugby, Golf, Polo and other sports.

Beaches are known for their purity. On the shores you will find many bars and souvenir shops.

For tourists organized a special orientation tours of the area Pinamar horseback riding, motorcycles, four-wheel drive vehicles, ATVs and Hiking.

Pinamar is a great place for fans of a quiet beach holiday and for lovers of active way of spending time. Every spring the city hosts the international film festival “Pantalla Pinamar”.

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