Phuket Cam – Karon Beach, The Camera view from the Hotel Marina Phuket Resort

Category: Cams, Thailand

Karon Beach (Phuket, Thailand) refers to a beach, and the town adjoining it. The beach is a popular destination for tourists. Click Play button to see the camera view from the Hotel Marina Phuket Resort.

Karon Beach – it is four kilometers of golden sand. In addition, he is one of the busiest beaches in Phuket. Many tourist sites are called Karon Beach one of the best beaches in Phuket, but this is not true. Of course, it is quite popular, but it is only because most of the tourists can not find anything better. In fact there is no beach hotels, all located just across the street. However, there are a lot of small stalls, where you can enjoy a drink and rent beach equipment.

Along the back of the beach stretches a mound of sand, which in most places closes the road, and even though through this mound, and can drive the car, but it creates a sense of privacy. Karon Beach is located in close proximity to many hotels, so if you’re staying in one of them, then you will be the easiest way to bathe in here.

Despite the fact that Caron is very popular among tourists, people are much less than in Patong, and therefore the atmosphere on the beach is relatively quiet. But, like in Patong, guests are offered a lot of beach activities for a fun pastime. Undoubtedly, Karon beach to visit for beach lovers – to get to it pretty easily, and nature is magnificent.

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