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The Panama canal is a navigable canal that connects the Gulf of Panama Pacific ocean with the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, is located on the isthmus of Panama in the state of Panama. Length — 81,6 km, including 65.2 km by land and 16.4 km on the bottom of the Panamanian and Limanskoe bays (for the passage of ships to deep water).

The channel passes through a court of different types, from private yachts to large tankers and container ships. The maximum size vessel that can pass through the Panama canal, became the de facto standard in the shipbuilding industry, called Panamax. Pilotage passes through the Panama canal pilotage service of the Panama canal. The average time of vessel’s passage through the channel — 9 hours (minimum 4 hours 10 minutes. The maximum capacity is 48 ships a day. Every year through the construction of the channel are about 17.5 thousand ships, carrying over 203 million tonnes of cargo.

In its length the canal is crossed by two bridges. Along the route of the canal between the cities of Panama and colon there is a highway and railway.

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