Troyes Live Cam, France – City Hall

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Troyes is in the southern part of France on the Seine River. It is the administrative center and all the main city of Champagne. City on top is similar to a cork from champagne – it is a form of taking on the map Avenues and strengthening.

Troyes has many churches: St. Martin with beautiful stained glass windows, Saint Madeleine, Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Nizier with an unusual roof of tiles, also of the 13th century Gothic Basilica of Saint-Urbain.

Town Hall of Troyes was erected from 1624 till 1672. Included in 1932 in the list of historic monuments, the building has in its portico remarkably preserved statue of the “Minerva wearing a helmet”, as well as the revolutionary slogan in its original form: a single indivisible republic – freedom, equality, fraternity, or death.

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