Paris Live Cam – Disneyland attraction Balloon

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Disneyland Paris – France is visited tourist attraction and the largest in the territory and the number of amusement theme park in Europe. This real dreamland, passing through a gate, you immediately find yourself in a world of adventurous and lively entertainment.

Disneyland space consists of three main parts: Disneyland Park (Paris), or the actual Magic Kingdom, which are the main attractions, Walt Disney Studios – well equipped technically studio, where they show the production of cartoons, also surrounded by a number of attractions, as well as the Disney- village (“Disney village”) with hotels, where you can eat and relax.

Disneyland (Paris) – this is only the US position, but in his Parisian variant found a lot of French elements. In some of the attractions featured renowned science fiction writer Jules Verne, Sleeping Beauty Castle design is based on the miniatures of famous French medieval manuscript “Book of Hours of the Duke of Berry Luxury”, and Walt Disney studios traced a purely French approach to the organization of entertainment-related movies.

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