Pardubice Live Cam, Czech

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Pardubice – a town in central Bohemia, on the Labe river, 104 km east of Prague, the administrative center of the Pardubice Region and Pardubice region. Founded around 1340, but the monastery on the site of Pardubice existed at the beginning of the XIII century. A great contribution to the development of Pardubice made a chamberlain of the Czech kingdom Vilém of Pernštejn, whose residence was the first of the little-known town.

The city developed rapidly at the end of XV-XVI centuries, but during the Thirty Years’ War fell into decay. The economic rise of the city experienced in the middle of the XIX century, when came to Pardubice railroad.

Pardubice has numerous architectural monuments (mainly the XVI century) and has the status of the city-reserve; One of the most famous monuments – the Green Tower in the center of Pardubice. Church of St. Bartholomew. The city is famous annual international competitions in equestrian sport (Great Pardubice Steeple Chase, the Czech. Velká Pardubická), which is usually held in mid-October. Pardubice hockey team HC Pardubice – one of the strongest in the Czech Republic. Pardubice is famous for its gingerbread.

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