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Live Streaming Video of Olympic National Park, Washington, USA.

Olympic National Park is United States National Park located in the northwest of Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula. It was founded in 1938. National Park is famous for the variety of species. Thanks to long-term isolation of the peninsula from the vast continental spaces are formed peculiar flora and fauna. Until now, there is found 15 endemic species and 8 endemic species of the plant kingdom. Another distinguishing feature of the park – it’s a variety of plant communities in a relatively small area (3735 km²).

The park consists of lakes, virgin forests, alpine meadows, over 60 glaciers, wildlife habitat, the Pacific coast area (in the coastal parts of the beaches and three Indian reservations), and in the central part of the mountain are the Olympic.

This mountain range, sometimes reaching a height of 2,400 meters, divides the park on the western and eastern parts, and is a determining factor in the difference in climatic conditions in the west and the east. In the western part of the park grows rain forest and the largest falls in the country rainfall, while the eastern portion dominated by a relatively dry climate (the West Coast of the USA is comparable only to the climate of Southern California). In 1976, the park became the International Biosphere Reserve, and in 1981 entered the World Heritage List.

In the north-west of Washington on the Olympic Peninsula, it is a national park of the same name. The park was founded back in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States.

Due to the fact that the peninsula has long been isolated from the outside world, there remain many rare species of flora and fauna of North America, which are found only in the Olympic National Park. This is a unique museum of wildlife.

Also unique is the fact that a fairly small area in 3735 square meters. kilometers grows large array of plant communities. The park has a lot of virgin forests, lakes and more than 60 glaciers, a huge amount of wildlife habitat.

The park is divided into two parts Olympic mountain range, which reaches a height of 2400 meters and is a factor in the difference between the weather conditions of the park. In the western part of the park falls limiting the amount of precipitation in the United States, there is a rain forest, and as many as three Indian reservations. In the eastern part of the front of the relatively dry climate.

On three sides, the park bordering the bays and ocean waters.
96% of the park declared natural reserves, and in most places in the park can only be reached on foot! Drive may be the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and through HarrikeynRidzh. The park is a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

This is a truly unique place that will interest lovers of unspoiled nature, hiking and adventure. Here you can enjoy a great variety of landscapes, including the Pacific beaches, rain forests, snow-capped mountains, to see a great variety of unique plants and animals.

Visit the park can be from July to September.

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