Odessa Live Cam, Ukraine

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Odessa live streaming web cam. In this beautiful and vibrant city in love with anyone who has visited it at least once. Odessa – a city that we love, because here you can feel at ease, a little frivolous and be part of a separate peace in the south of Ukraine, because the residents of Odessa – a unique people with a great sense of humor, incredibly welcoming and pleasant.

Opera House live streaming webcam.

It enters the ranking of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Undoubtedly, to see some production – one of the must-do items in Odessa. Learn repertoire, buying a ticket – and a pleasant evening in Odessa, you are guaranteed.

Potemkin stairs live streaming webcam.

It is located just around the corner. It is not for nothing called the ladder to heaven. This unique structure. First Steps – the largest in Ukraine. Secondly, despite all the laws of optics, is not narrowed, when viewed from the top down.

In Potemkin stairs you will meet the famous Duc de Richelieu, who was considered the founder of Odessa. Be sure to take a picture of the monument at, and if you are the first time in Odessa, then another, and do not forget to make a wish.

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