Nova Scotia Canada Live Cam – Cape Forchu Lighthouse

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Nova Scotia Canada Live WebCam.

In eastern Canada, it is one of the three maritime provinces – Nova Scotia. It is a long peninsula in 580 km, which is four sides surrounded by water: the Bay of Fundy, the Atlantic Ocean, the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf
St. Lawrence. The size of the territory of the province of lower Scotland (in whose honor is named), but most of Denmark. The climate is temperate, although more like a continental.

In the province of Nova Scotia is home to 950 000 people, of whom 360 000 are residents of Halifax – the capital and largest city of the province. The ethnic composition of the province is represented for the most part the Scots (28%) and British (28%), and the Irish (19%), French (17%) and 8% of a so-called “other people.”

The main sectors of Nova Scotia’s economy are mining, transportation equipment, food and woodworking industry and agriculture, oil refining industry is highly developed. Also in 1820, Alexander Keith’s largest brewing company was founded in Halifax, which thrives to this day. The size of the port in Halifax occupies second place after Sydney Harbour in Australia. The port accepts vessels all year round, since the water in the harbor does not freeze during the winter frosts.

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