Norway Live Cam – Lysefjord

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Lysefjord Webcam Views, Norway.

In the Norwegian region Vestlann near Stavanger in the county of Rogaland is unique, sung by Victor Hugo, a unique and famous Lysefjord. This famous tourist facility in Norway due to its relative affordability, spectacular attractions, a variety of natural monuments in the territory and undeniable informative value.

Along the length of Lysefjord is a 42-kilometer-long, deep up to 422 meters, a crack in the earth’s crust, a giant rift caused by the movement of tectonic plates Caledonian geological period.

Due to the complexity of the terrain on the banks of the Lysefjord built only two of the village – and forsand Lyusebotn. Residents Lyusebotna located in the east (far) of the fjord, mainly work on two power plants built in the vicinity of the city and providing electricity to more than 100 thousand people. Projects of power stations built in the rocks, are a marvel of engineering. The only road leading to Lyuseborn, climbs 900 meters and has 27 steep turns dangerous on the road a lot of tunnels.

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