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Scott bays (eng. Scott Base — new Zealand’s year-round Antarctic research station located on Ross island, in the vicinity of the volcano mount Erebus, in the territory of Ross. The station is located 3 km from McMurdo station (USA) and 1353 km from the South pole. Is under the control of the new Zealand Antarctic Institute New Zealand Antarctic Institute). Received its name in honor of perpetuating the memory of Robert Scott, the British Explorer and traveler, who performed two expeditions to Antarctica. The observations are made on agrometeorologia, Geophysics, glaciology, Oceanology and biology. Serves as the basis for routing research in adjacent regions of Antarctica.

The decision to build their own Antarctic station to maintain the international TRANS-Antarctic expedition in the framework of scientific programs of the International geophysical year was adopted by the government of New Zealand in 1956 . The construction of the station began in January 1957 and 20 January of the same year took place the official opening of the station. At the time of the creation station was a complex of six buildings connected by covered walkways. In 1962 the station was moved to a year-round operation. In 1976 — 1977 years the station has undergone a major renovation and part of the original buildings were replaced by new ones. In 2005 the station was built the largest in its history, the building size of 1800 m2. Currently, the station is able year-round to host up to 15 people, and in the summer to provide accommodation for up to 85 people. The maximum number of people at the station in January 1999, 112, and minimum during the winter 2000 — 9. During its existence the station was visited by about 10,000 people.

The station is equipped to conduct meteorologicheskikh, geophysical, glaciological, Oceanographic and biological observations and research. Base is also actively used as the route of the international research centre for the surrounding areas.

The station is equipped with a runway, a permanent road connects it to McMurdo station (McMurdo Station).
In 2010 built wind elektrostantsia with a capacity of about 1 MW of electricity per hour.

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