Nessebar Live cam, Bulgaria

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Nessebar — the pearl of Bulgaria: a masterpiece of architecture has been preserved to our times. The city is situated on a rocky Peninsula 850 m long and 300 wide, 37 km North of Burgas.

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is proved that its history amounts to at least three millennia: every year archaeologists discover new evidence of ancient cultures and civilizations that lived on the Peninsula. Nessebar is included in the world heritage list: in 1956 it was declared a town-Museum, since 1983 Nessebar is under the aegis of UNESCO.

The old Nessebar is an example of a miracle. A few centuries ago, he went under water, the place was only a piece of land of 850 to 300 meters, where all 40 city temples. Underwater Nessebar” can be clearly seen from boat in good weather.

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