Memmingen Live Cam, Germany

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Memmingen is an ancient city located at the intersection of the busy trading and pilgrimage routes. There is even the expression “All roads lead to Memmingen, which is coming to this cozy town today.Memmingen keeps its historical flavor: the buildings with expressive Gables, facade painting, ancient palaces of the aristocracy, a picturesque canal, where the usual plump trout.

The most interesting architecture can be seen on the shopping street Kalchstrasse and the Weinmarkt square. From the medieval fortifications of the XIV century there are about 2 km of walls, ten gates and towers. Along the old city walls and stretches of green area, parks.

The history of Memmingen began with a Roman military settlement. In the V century here lived the Alamanni; in the VII century there was the Palace of the king of the Franks. In the XIII century, Memmingen, standing on the crossroads of important trade routes, became an Imperial free city, and in the XVII century was at the center of events of the Thirty years war. In 1802, he came under the power of Bavaria.

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