Mechelen Live Cam, Belgium

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This Belgian town has gained popularity among Russian tourists recently. Since ancient times, Mechelen was famous for art bell, a bell local artists installed in the largest churches of Moscow and St. Petersburg. There is also an old school bell ringers, which is called a Hat Shipka.

With regard to historical and architectural monuments, we can highlight the Cathedral of St. Rumbolt. One of the towers of the Cathedral has a height of 97 meters. To climb to the top of the tower, you need to overcome the 514 steps. From the lookout you can clearly see the surroundings of Mechelen, and in clear weather on the horizon we can discern the outlines of Antwerp.

The most important historical value is the monument of Margaret of Austria, who was aunt of Charles the Fifth. During her reign the city experienced an era of rapid rise. A continuation of the architectural composition is the town Hall and the Palace of Margaret of Austria.

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