Matchima Live Cam, Australia

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Mathiba (Mutchilba is a town in Australia, Tablelands, far-Northern R-n Queensland, QLD, Australiabuying a very large state, with an area of almost 1.8 million square kilometres. Its length from North to South of 1,800 km and from East to West – 1200. Therefore, in different parts of its different climate, landscapes, flora and fauna.

Along the Eastern coast of the state is the Northern part of the Great Dividing range. The one that the Australians call “Blue Mountain”, from where begins its run darling river – right, the largest tributary of the Murray. Nature and climate on different sides of the ridge differ dramatically.

To the West – steppes, semi-deserts and deserts. There is a hot, dry summer. On the East coast, washed by the Coral sea, the climate is temperate, quite warm, the heat greatly mitigates the proximity of the ocean. And there is quite a large difference in temperature in the South of the state, where the mountains above, can be quite cool, to the North the temperature is increased (closer to the equator). On the slopes of the ridge are growing moist tropical forests, a part of felled and burned for agriculture.

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