Marchtrenk, Stadtplatz Live Cam, Austria

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Perhaps the main attractions of the city include the buildings of a religious nature, which include the Arrival of Marchtrenk. The building was erected in the Baroque style, but at the same time, current repair makes it look like a modern facility. In addition to the main Church building, the complex includes a clock tower, from the top of which you can see the whole city at a glance.

Also located in the town Evangelical Church Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde attracted by its architecture, not only parishioners, but also city guests. Its good location (Bahnhofstrasse) allows for a few minutes to find the building, especially because of its medieval architecture will not pass, drawing your gaze.

As a response to the skill of medieval architects, almost in the center of the city lies a modern entertainment center that features well-known far outside the city, including, and capabilities of satellite Internet, which allows booking of tickets to Austria online. Mini Golf, pools,tracks, tennis courts, fitness center — all this has made Marchtrenk an excellent reputation among residents of neighboring towns and foreign tourists.

If you’re feeling peckish during sightseeing, visitors can visit the coffee bar Cup&Cino, located at Linzer Str 9. Here visitors will regale dish of the national cuisine — Wiener schnitzel, and, of course, be sure to offer the famous soup with spinach. If the soul requires more than traditional food, it offers travelers two pizzerias of the city, each of which is suited to the preparation of his dishes with soul and creative.

So, the menu Fuzo Pizza & Kebap, in addition to pizza you can find authentic Italian pastries, as well as various meat dishes. Pizzeria David, along with the main dish offers a wide variety of drinks, among which Fizzes, Campar, Blue Curacao, Himbeegeist, Sekt, Zitronensaft.

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