Mar del Plata Live Cam, Argentina

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Mar del Plata is a resort city in Argentina, its name from Spanish means “silver sea”. This beautiful city was founded by a rich Argentinian businessman, who built here a meat factory. This is what led to the prosperity of the town, resulting in the beginning of the twentieth century there have had their summer holidays members of the richest and noblest families of Argentina.

After some time had built many lavish villas, and then upscale hotels, making nobody famous, the town has acquired the status of one of the major beach resorts of Argentina. Now Mar del Plata literally is replete with many Grand Victorian mansions, incredibly beautiful tango show, numerous beaches and a great nightlife.

Mar del Plata weather conditions determines the moderate subtropical climate. Winter, which here lasts June to August, quite comfortable and soft, and the summers very warm and dry. The coldest month of the year is June, when the air temperature drops to +9 °C. but in the summer (December to February) the average temperature is about 27 °C.

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