Hobart Live Cam, Australia

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Hobart (eng. Hobart, outdated transcription — Hobart — the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania. Founded in 1804 is the second oldest city in Australia (first Sydney, 1788). The population of the Metropolitan area for 2005 amounted to 245 thousand people. The city is the financial and administrative heart of Tasmania, also serves as a point of departure for Australian and French Antarctic expeditions.

While on Tasmania, Hobart has a temperate oceanic climate. This type of climate in the Northern hemisphere has, for example, London, although he is 9° further from the equator than Hobart. Reason in a similar climate, despite this difference in latitude is explained by the fact that the climate of London tepleet the Gulf stream and the climate of Hobart, on the contrary, cools the proximity of Antarctica. The climate of Tasmania is very similar to the climate of southern England, Ireland and the Atlantic coast of France. Therefore, the British settlers, once in Tasmania, had no problems with doing the usual farming: sheep farming and agriculture.

For Hobart characterize year-round dominance of cloudy weather with occasional periods of heat during the removal of hot air from the continent in the summer and warm winter in the winter. The amount of precipitation is almost constant throughout the year, it rains evenly. The seasonal fluctuation is very small.

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