Malibu Beach Live Cam California, USA

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Watch Live Streaming Video of Malibu Beach.

Malibu is a city in the US, located in western Los Angeles County, California. Malibu is a segment of the Pacific coast of 43 kilometers in length, is known for its warm climate, sandy beaches, as well as the fact that is home to numerous Hollywood stars.

Malibu is alluring city of pleasure. Endless pier stretching into the blue Pacific, fearless surfers and divers, even more numerous Nezha resting on the sand, villas world celebrities in private areas, the most famous “serial” beaches. All this – Humalivo (translated from Indian languages, “the surf sounds loudly”), or modern Malibu, which released the generous nature about 40 km clean and spacious beaches. This “star” town whose “autonomy” has only a couple of decades, is located in the north-western suburbs of Los Angeles.

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