Macau Live Cam, China

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Macau is a special Administrative region in China, which is rightly called the Chinese Las Vegas (income from the gambling business Macau ranks first in the world).

While gambling came to the fore, monuments of the Christian-colonial culture in 2005 was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Such a curious mix of old and trendiness, pomp and poverty, province, and metropolis, European and Chinese-American today Macau has to offer in abundance.

Macau consists of a Peninsula occupied by the city (9 sq km), it can be walked around in 2 hours, and the Islands of Taipa and Coloane, fused through embankments together. Citizens of non-Chinese origin account for only 5% of the population of Macau. Inhabitants are called “Macanese”; but in the narrow sense, it means the old-timers of the Portuguese or Portuguese-Chinese descent.

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