London Weather Live Cam – British Telecom Tower

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London Weather webcam stream. The camera is looking at south, towards the British Telecom Communication Tower, 60 Cleveland Street, London.

British Telecom Tower or “Bee Tee Tower”, or, as some of its still called, Den Post Tower, towers over central London for more than 40 years, becoming an integral part of the city panorama.

By the end of the 50s, when in London there are plans to build the first high-rise buildings, the question arose about the construction of more high telecommunications tower, which could provide an uninterrupted supply of the signal by spreading it with other centers across the country. Architect Eric Bedford offered typical for that time a project of concrete and glass cylindrical shape: thanks to this fluctuations at an altitude of 200 meters at a wind speed of 150 km / h would not exceed 25 centimeters. As a result, in the Fitzrovia area grew dvuhsotmetrovuyu slender beauty, crowned like a necklace, telecommunication antennas drives.

The foundation of the tower goes 53 meters deep into the ground, the first 16 floors are given under technical and power generating equipment. The following 35 meters high tower – a compartment intended for antennas, well, 6 floors – this is again a communication, a kitchen and a restaurant “At the top of the tower.” This once-trendy restaurant, located on the 34th floor, makes a complete revolution around its axis in 22 minutes; he also served as the final point of the then popular among students run from the bottom up the stairs. The fate of London’s “Seventh Heaven” is, perhaps, the entire tower, predetermined the explosion sounded October 31, 1971: He took responsibility for the Irish Republican Army.

By 1980, when the rental period is ended, the restaurant was closed for security reasons, and the following year for the same reasons and closed access to the viewing galleries. So London, unlike other capitals of the world, was left without a rotating restaurant. But if you’re lucky and you will be in the hands of an invitation to one of the corporate parties Bee Tee, do not give up – it is possible that you get lucky and unexpected evening London suddenly begin to rotate around you.

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