London Live Cam, United Kingdom – Tower Bridge

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Live streaming web cam of Tower Bridge in London, which is located in the heart of the UK capital.

Tower bridge is a drawbridge in the center of London on the River Thames near the Tower of London. Sometimes it is confused with London Bridge, located upstream. It opened in 1894. It is also one of the symbols of London and Britain.

It is situated in an excellent location on the River Thames, in close proximity to the Tower of London.

Tourists are often confused with London Bridge, facing upstream.

The operation of the Tower Bridge was commissioned in 1894. The bridge is considered one of the main symbols of London and the UK, which stands on a par with the famous Big Ben.

Tower Bridge in London is a true work of art of architects, as well as the greatest attraction of London and the UK as a whole, which is at least once, but definitely worth seeing on briskly.

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