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Liptovský mikuláš (words. Liptovský (Svätý) Mikuláš is a town in Northern Slovakia, on the váh river between the Western and Low Tatras. The population of about 33 thousand people.

Urban life in Liptovsky Mikulas animated during cultural and sporting events. Traditional treat: ) fair Capital days veslovsky competition pantomime PAN, the Days of cheese and cheese, a cultural event Bridges, competition for water slalom international Liptov slalom races and international Tatra slalom. Competitions are held annually in the Area of water slalom, located in the southern part of the city. Many residents mikuláš KeyTime close relation to sports. Here live and train athletes who have successfully represented Slovakia in Slovak, international and world competitions. The most famous of them – Michal Martikan, winner at the Olympics in Atlanta and Athens and Elena Kaliska, pobeditelnitsa at the Olympics in Athens. Both represent Slovakia in water slalom discipline. Many citizens are engaged in Amateur sports. For them and also for visitors to the city offer their services to sport centres: indoor swimming pool, Aquapark, fitness centers, ice stadium, ski center on Podbrezina, Tennessee courts, swos center. After active sports should stay in the saunas, solariums or massage.

The Liptov region covers an area of over 2000 sq km of Liptov is surrounded by highest mountains in Slovakia: High Tatras, West Tatras and Choc mountains from the North, Low Tatras from the South, Great Fatra in the West and Popradzka basin from the East. The longest Slovak river váh flows through Liptov for 65 km is the most visited reservoir is liptovská Mara. Economic and cultural centres of Liptov is ružomberok, liptovský mikuláš and liptovský hrádok. There are many sources of warm and carbonated mineral water especially in the villages Besenova, Pribylina, Liptovsky Jan, etc. This area is also known therapeutic spas in the villages luchki, Koritnica and Lubochna. Liptov, ethnographically coherent region with specific folk architecture and folklore. In numerous villages in Liptov preserved original folk costumes, folk customs and attractive architecture.

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