Leutasch Live Cam, Austria

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Strange, but the luscious landscape of the ski resort Leutasch (Leutasch) remains unknown for many tourists despite the stunning scenery of snow-capped mountains and well-prepared slopes of the eponymous resort. The main advantage of this Spa is the untouched nature, where man is reunited with nature, and the wide 16-km long plateau with long slopes for cross-country skiing. The beautiful Tyrolean village of Leutasch, impregnated with culture and a welcoming attitude towards visitors, a vacation in the heart of the Austrian Alps will be peaceful and relaxing.

Located in the Olympic region of Seefeld, this ski region is significantly inferior to the number of tracks neighbor Seefeld, however, width of tracks and saturation of different complexity areas more than compensates for this deficiency. One 4-man chair lifts to the top of the Katzenkopf (1600 m), from where you can ski or snowboard on the “red” or “black” track. For the less daring prepared a toboggan sled. At the bottom of the skiing area and prepared the site for training beginners and children with a running trail and a rope tow to lift to the beginning of the “blue” part of the track. Local school teaches skiing and walking cross-country. The main attraction is Laitala long tracks (over 200 km) cross-country skiing, which are carefully prepared for the training of athletes and fans to run cross-country skiing. It can accommodate four parallel-running tracks and nobody will be surprised. Especially the famous 60-mile route for Jogging ridge course.

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