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Almeria – a city in the southeast of Spain. The city is located in the south-east of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. In the vicinity of Almeria it found a large number of archaeological sites, including the settlement of Los Millares, which gave the name of the eponymous archaeological culture. Earlier, in the Neolithic Almerian culture existed here.

In the first century, Christian documents report that there was a town named Urci, possibly near the current site of Almería, in the Hispania of the Roman Empire. However, this is disputed, as there are several possible sites of the town. However, one Saint Indaletius, a missionary is said to have evangelized Urci and become its first bishop, is officially the patron saint of Almería.

Famous natives of Almería include Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso, who in 1873 was the third president of the First Spanish Republic, as well as several musicians, including the composer José Padilla Sánchez, whose music was declared of “universal interest” by Unesco in 1989, the popular folk singer Manolo Escobar, renowned Flamenco guitar player José Tomás “Tomatito” and Grammy Award winner David Bisbal; the champion motorcyclist Antonio Maeso moved to Almería as a child.

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