Lapithos Live Cam, Cyprus

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Ancient Lapithos (or Lapethos) was founded as many as 3.5 thousand years ago. In the Assyrian inscriptions, Lapithos is mentioned as one of the eleven Cypriot city-States, along with Salamis, Salt, Kourion, Amathus, Kition and others. The ancient Greek historian Strabo believed that Lapithos was founded by Spartans. Later, during the Persian rule, settled by the Phoenicians − famous sailors and merchants at the same time.

After the inclusion of Cyprus in the Roman Empire, the value of Lapithos gradually began to increase. The city’s population grew to ten thousand people. Lapithos was awarded the status of centre of one of the four districts of Cyprus. Through its port began to pass more and more goods. Flourished trade with Sicily, Greece and Asia Minor, the city increased industrial production. Here was located the shipyard and workshops for the production of ceramic, processed copper. “Shining city” − said about him. In the end, this name and assigned to him the town received the name of Lambousa (Lambousa), which means shining or sparkling.

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